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Главная » 2018 » Апрель » 27 » Музыка из сериала Вавилон 5 / OST Babylon 5

Музыка из сериала Вавилон 5 / OST Babylon 5


Автор музыки к сериалу: композитор Кристофер Франке
Выпускающий лейбл: Varèse Sarabande
Название диска саундтреков: Музыка из сериала Вавилон 5
Страна - производитель альбома: США
Сериал вышел в мировой прокат 26 января 1994 года
Альбом саундтреков выпущен 27 апреля 2018 года
Жанр: Музыка сериалов
Количество композиций: 229
Формат/Качество: MPEG-3, 320 кб/с
Общая длительность: 18:06:19
Размер архива на файлообменных сервисах: 2,21 Gb

Перечень саундтреков фантастико-приключенческого сериала боевика от режиссёров Майкл Виджер, Дэвид Дж. Эгил, Джанет Грик и другие:
Towards Fate, Delenn at the Gray Council, Advance Scout Mission, Main Title (narration) (4:58)
Marcus & Ivanova Depart, Garibaldi Worried, Franklin & Child, Ivanova & Minbari Rest, Three Nigh (7:05)
Franklink Wounded, Shadow Scout Encounter, The Signal (4:43)
Countdown, The Grand Confrontation (7:22)
Emergency Treatment, What's Next?, Recovery, Dream Interpretation (4:50)
I'm Anna Sheridan, End Title (4:50)
Status Quo (3:17)
Arrival of the Delegations (4:52)
Londo's Promise (3:24)
Church Meeting Plan (4:21)
Refa is Trapped (9:31)
New Fleet (2:30)
Giants in the Playground, Conspiracy, Main Title (3:29)
Couch Conversation, A Soldier's Promise, Throne Room, The Plot, Subject (4:51)
Cartagian Justice, Cartagia Murdered (3:22)
Londo, Prime Minister, Planet Killer at Work, Vir's Good Heart (5:30)
Anticipation of Natives, Explaining the Mission, Erikson's Special Mission (3:43)
Narn Celebration, What G'Kar Endured, Sheridan't Poem, End Title (3:31)
Where is the Captain, Vorlon Ship Arrival, Main Title (narration) (4:33)
Swedish Meatballs, G'Kar & Na'Kal, New Vorlon, Changing Places, Conversational Developments (5:35)
Sheridan & Lyta, Sheridan & Vorlon Mystery, Song Good Bye, Caylin Introduced (4:52)
En Route, Caylin & Franklin, Lyta & Sheridan, Begin to Attack the Shadows (3:44)
Battle 1, 2, Caylin Unconscious, Caylin Diagnosed (7:38)
The Return, Song All of Me (2:32)
Good Shooting, Warning Signs, Main Title (2:35)
Big Space Introduction, Keffer on Bridge, Keffer & Mitch, Narn Ship Contact (2:26)
Silent Mysteries, G'Kar on His Way, Nightwatch, Mission Explained (3:16)
On Location, History Unfolding, Space Battle (5:20)
Keffer Breaks Away, Kosh Unveiled (6:01)
Ivanova's Closing Statements, End Title (3:03)
Setting the Stage, Awakening, Main Title (narration) (4:11)
Franklin & Marcus, Transition, Arthur & Marcus 1 (2:26)
Arthur & Marcus 2, Arthur Gives in, Franklin & Arthur, Arthur Helps Old Lady, Arthur Come (6:34)
G'Kar Helps Arthur, Sir G'Kar, Arthur's Story Told, G'Kar Drunk, The Truth (5:17)
Arthur Becomes David, Lady of the Lake (5:39)
Arthur's Departure, Afterthoughts, End Titles (2:28)
Franklin's Log, Sheridan, the Living Dead, Main Title (4:26)
Between Moments, Tic-toc, Bar Sourc, G'Kar Picks a Fight, Delenn's Grief (6:54)
Hiding Place, Friendship, Marcus Investigates, Tape Confessions, G'Kar Ambushed (4:36)
Delenn Addresses Rangers, G'Kar, The Present (5:13)
G'Kar and Lando Bargain, The First One (2:32)
Lorien's Explanation, Lorien's Advice, End Title (4:55)
Diary Entry, Nothing Else Goes Wrong, Main Title (3:58)
We Cannot Defend Ourselves, Crisis in Medlab, Mr Morden (4:20)
Londo Meets Morden, Changing Plans, Reports of Shadow Attacks, In Need of a Victory, Garib (4:36)
Vir on a Shopping Spree, Garibaldi Confronts Franklin, Sheridan Confronts Kosh (6:27)
Vorlons Attack Shadows, Face of Death (6:52)
The Day After, Londo Seeks Revenge, Final Departure, End Title (3:57)
Our Greatest Enemy is Fear, Main Title (3:06)
Garibaldi Reviews Video, Garibaldi is Concerned, Cartagia's Madness (2:16)
Physical Exam, Interplanetary Emergency, A Reason to Come Back, Plan to Attack Kosh (5:08)
Kosh's Quarters, Vorlon Fights Back, Retreat, Fighting Evil (5:52)
Light Against Darkness, G'Kar's Execution Scheduled (4:03)
Gathering of the Fleet, Engagement Ring, G'Kar Loses His Eye, End Title (3:47)
Status Quo, First Engagement, Set Course for Babylon 5, Main Title (4:31)
We're in Trouble, Arrival of the Alexander, Speech, Major Ryan Arrives, Mars Attacks (4:44)
Station Intro, Arrival of the Churchill, Attack on ISN, Sheridan & Hiroshi, The Fligh (4:02)
Mobilization, Delenn Breaks the Gray Council, Sheridan & Father, Final Countdown, Big Battle (17:20)
Aftermath, What the Future May Hold, End Title (2:34)
Into the Conference, Death of the Informant, Main Titles (2:27)
Medlab, July is Better, See You in an Hour, I Knew Him, Things to Come, I Must See (4:41)
Believe Me, Send the Message, I Don't Like Where We are Going, I Don't Like This, The Attack (5:26)
He Wouldn't, I Do Not Have Much Time, There is Someone Else, Cheers, Time (6:18)
Too Late, Point of the Exercise, She is Changing (3:23)
Transmission, Destiny, End Titles (2:37)
Imperial Palace, Emperor's Exit, Request Denied, Main Titles (3:06)
Doing Business, Preparing the Speech, G'Kar Gets Ready (2:48)
Greeting the Emperor, Reflection On Life, G'Kar's Will, Emperor Collapses, Londo's Plan (5:33)
Bad Timing, Apologies & Dreams, Shadow Attack, Toast to the Emperor, The Message (5:55)
Darkness is Coming, Betrayal, G'Kar's Defeat, Emperor's Last Wish, Emperor Dies, Transition, Now at War (6:41)
Take Over Plan, Londo's Nightmare, Hello Old Friend, End Titles (1:53)
Minbari Homeworld, Opening the Mystery Box, Main Title (3:52)
Sinclair Ship Ready, Return to the Beginning, ID-Check, Epsilon 3 (6:05)
Delenn's Request, Vision of Destruction, Delenn's Explanation (5:29)
Sheridan's Reaction, Delenn Convinces, Sinclair's Flashback, Garibaldi Send Home, Go to the Rift (6:53)
Time Travel, Shadow Bomb, Interception, Sheridan Captured (6:20)
Delenn Worried, No Doubts, Londo's Revenge, Tradition, End Title (3:21)
Destiny Awaits, Delenn at the Gray Council, Main Title (4:58)
G'Kar & Ivanova, In Medlab, Sheridan Questions Delenn, Transitions in Space, I'll Go (5:42)
Anna Tells Her Story, Sheridan Gives In, Determined to Go (6:11)
Towards Z'Ha'Dum, Arrival on Z'Ha'Dum, Meeting the Enemy (7:39)
Into the Abyss (8:47)
Epilog, What the Future May Hold, End Title (3:02)
Looking Back, Sheridan's Arrest, Freeze, Main Title (4:17)
Sheridan Lost in Time, Delenn in Love, Delenn Leaves (4:10)
Londo's Reception, Londo's Fate Revealed, Unfinished Business, Sheridan's First Return, Babylon (6:25)
Time Travel Arrival, Time Flash, Old Crew Approach, Zathras Arrested (3:51)
Babylon 4 Transfer, Zathras's Revelation, Let's Go Home (10:19)
Sinclair's Transition, Valen Appears, End Title (3:33)
River of Souls, The Discovery, Under Attack, A Wonderful Day, Eye Pain, Another Day, Another Holo, Found Anything Lately? (9:19)
Babylon 5 Sweep, Garibaldi’s Ultimatum, Love Bat, First Contact, Meanwhile, Back at the Holobrothel, Leave Us Alone!, Zack’s Hallway Encounter (8:07)
Bryson & Garibaldi, Soul Hunters, Lost Souls of Ralga, Grave Predictions (8:17)
A Long Night, Back to the Holobrothel, Scissorhands, Rage Unleashed, Lochley Into Otherworld, We are Evolving (5:49)
Defense Activated, You Made a Mistake, Outside Manifestation, Lochley Figures it Out (7:53)
Take Action, Approach Bryson, On the Other Hand, Soul Hunter’s Sacrifice, Soul Sees What the Souls Sees, Like the Old Days, Zack Was Right, End Credits (10:25)
Opening, It Began 35 Earth Years Ago, Londo on Earth, Meet the Grey Council, Londo's Terrible Truth (9:34)
Londo Remembers, Grey Council in Session, Decision to Go, Dukhat & Kosh, Cargo Arrival, Prometheus on Course (11:17)
Minbari Attack, Troop Assembly, I'll See You Soon, Delenn in Her Quarters, Delenn Meets Kosh, The Human Allies (5:46)
Franklin in Medlab, Franklin Arrested, Minbari Attack, Sheridan's Plan (6:42)
Destroy the Black Star, Londo About Interception, Centauri Attack, Captured & Released (8:04)
The War, President's Call, Battle of the Line, Valen's Reincarnation, Our Last Best Hope for Peace, Story is Never Over, End Credits (15:42)
Opening, Sheridan & Lochley Say Good-bye, Message from G'Kar, Main Title (3:44)
G'Kar's Emotional Address, Franklin is About to Leave, Lennier's Surprise Visit, Garibaldi on Mars, G'Kar (3:50)
Rumors, The Word Good-bye, One Last Look at the Place, Danger & Betrayal (6:39)
Desperation, Minbar, New Home (4:13)
Delenn & Londo's Moment, Londo's Sealed Gift, The Modesty, Dark Secrets of Fate (4:08)
Sheridan's message, Talking to the Unborn, Delenn & Sheridan, End Title (5:16)
Intro 1 (0:51)
Main Title (0:33)
Opening (1:23)
The Priest (1:24)
Exorcism (1:13)
The Stench (0:54)
Your Name (4:07)
Energy (1:24)
Devil Threat (2:16)
The Dream (0:57)
Log Search (1:18)
Send Back (3:15)
Epilogue 1 (1:39)
Intro 2 (1:36)
Londo (0:44)
G'Kar (1:57)
Hyperspace (0:34)
Destruction (1:05)
Kill (1:58)
I'm Saved (1:00)
Describe (1:16)
The Station (1:08)
Starfury (1:11)
Prepare (2:28)
Landing (0:36)
Party (0:30)
Epilogue 2 (0:36)
End Credits (1:32)
Garibaldi's Nightmare (3:04)
Lise Surprises Garibaldi (4:44)
I'm Tired of Being Controlled (3:49)
Lennier Follows a Signal (5:42)
He's Not Dead (4:08)
He is Alive (4:19)
Human strategy, Main Title (4:43)
No Two Cents for Chance, Bad News for Morden, An Undignified Position, Firsts one's phi (5:18)
The weapon of patience, Blowing up the island (4:44)
Wakeup call, Calling in the first ones, Vorlons spare Minbari (7:19)
Cycle of history, Beyond the rim (10:06)
Dawning of the third Age, End title (2:49)
ISN Propaganda, Message from Mars, Bad Situation, Main Titles (4:21)
Lines of Communication, An Independent Woman, How to Treat an Ex-Lover, Wake Up Call, Ivanova Volunteers (3:44)
Concerns About Minbari, Mars Conspiracy, Independence Promise, Minbari Hold-Up (4:36)
Forell Takes Over, Calls of Passion (8:50)
Skin Dancing, Drakhs Pay the Price (5:54)
War Room Turned Studio, All Hands Full, End Titles (4:11)
Chrysalis 1 (3:56)
Chrysalis 2 (4:46)
Chrysalis 3 (5:49)
Chrysalis 4 (3:48)
Mind War 1 (3:38)
Mind War 2 (2:37)
Parliament of Dreams 1 (6:14)
Parliament of Dreams 2 (6:03)
Parliament of Dreams 3 (5:44)
Geometry of Shadows 1 (7:45)
Geometry of Shadows 2 (3:28)
Geometry of Shadows 3 (4:04)
Marcus on Death Watch, Final Strike, Scouting Mars, Main Title (5:54)
Taking Mars Bunker, Captains Briefing, Sheridans Old Teacher (2:54)
Battle on Mars (6:20)
Awakening Telepath, B5 Medical Files (5:35)
Taking Back Earth (10:59)
ISN Jungle, Alien Healing Device, End Title (3:40)
Sheridan's Dream, Sunrise (2:11)
I Have a Message, Come to Minbar (2:51)
How Long Do I Have? Old Friends, I am Going to Miss Him, Sheridan's Last Wish (7:10)
It's Sunday on Earth, Good Night, My Love, Only Memory, Computer Set Course (5:05)
White Light, Echoes from the Past, Dying Station, Delenn's Sunrise (5:38)
End Title (1:44)
Get Ready for the Meeting, Transport Attacked, Main Title (3:48)
Secret Around G'Kar, Meeting in Sheridan's Office, Garibaldi's Mission, Book of G'Kar (4:15)
Garibaldi's Departure, Garibaldi Arrives at Drazi Homeworld, Tafiq & Garibaldi Drunk, Tafiq Ge (4:08)
Garibaldi in Trouble, G'Kar Starts Teaching (4:14)
Londo Recognises Button, G'Kar About Londo, Franklin's Decision (3:03)
G'Kar Teaches, Put Your Head in the Book, Garibaldi is Drunk Again, End Title (3:10)
Enough is Enough, Earth Stands Alone, Main Title (5:06)
Marcus En Route, Vir's Wakeup Call, Perparations for Battle (2:56)
Sheridan's Plan, Proxima III, Start Ground Attack, Londo & G'Kar in Trouble, Departure of the Fleet (5:53)
Tensions Rising, Battle Begins (5:57)
No Surrender, No Retreat (5:58)
Aftermath Moments, Winners & Losers, End Title (4:38)
Main Title (1st Season) (3:19)
Messages from Earth (10:06)
Main Title (2nd Season) (1:32)
Z'ha'dum (12:20)
Main Title (3rd Season) (1:32)
Severed Dreams (15:38)
Main Title (4th Season) (1:31)
Voices of Authority (11:31)
War Continues, 30 Pieces of Silver, Main Title (3:31)
Meet the Agamemnon, Telepath Cargo, Garibaldi's Message to Sheridan (4:42)
Ivanova Warns Sheridan, Sheridan Departs for Earth, Lyta's History on Mars, Bar Back (7:24)
Sheridan's Arrest, Edgar's Whole Truth, Bester Unlocks Garibaldi (5:52)
Garibaldi Downloaded, Bester's Whole Truth, Garibaldi Coming to his Senses (6:43)
Future Looming Ahead, End Title (4:02)
Babylon 5 Themes through Seasons (13:11)
Tribute to Babylon 5 (3:01)
Battle to Survive, Back to the Station, Telepathic Mindflash, Vision of a Shade, Hearing the Sound, Bizarre Object (7:22)
Monstrous Artifact Arrives, Truth is Inconvenient, There is Danger, We Have a Deal, Lyta's Nightmare, Bots Take Off (10:48)
Bots Destroyed, You Have to Stop it, Lyta's History, A Distant World, It Could Change Everything, Black Tower, Ivanova's Wild Dream, It's Calling All of Us, Vision of Thirdspace, We Have Contact (13:56)
Activated Artifact, Under Outside Control, Launch the Fighters, Vorlon Legacy, Ivanova Arrests Dr Trent (12:00)
Mobilization, Start the Attack, Vir's Fight, Inside the Artifact, Sheridan Drifting in Space, One Mistake out of so Many, End Credits (15:13)
Main Title 2nd Season (1:27)
Geometry of Shadows III (3:42)
Sheridan and Father (from Severed Dreams) (2:35)
Mobilization (from Severed Dreams) (1:43)
Big Battle (from Severed Dreams) (5:26)
Signal (from Shadow Dancing) (2:11)
Awakening (from A Late Delivery from Avalon) (1:46)
Countdown (from Shadow Dancing) (0:32)
Main Title 3rd Season (1:28)
Into the Abyss (from Z'Ha'Dum) (8:46)
Begin to Attack the Shadows (from Walkabout) (0:50)
Emergency Treatment (from Shadow Dancing) (0:34)
Geometry of Shadows II (3:17)
Geometry of Shadows I (5:40)
Main Title 4th Season (1:38)
Main Theme (from Sierra Game) (1:34)
Main Titles 5th Season (1:30)
Main Theme Extended (from Sierra Game) (6:09)
Closing Theme (0:37)
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