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Главная » 2021 » Май » 26 » David Baldwin - Why you should NEVER masturbate?

David Baldwin - Why you should NEVER masturbate?


Remember an important thing, as someone rightly said, that sexual aggressiveness and desire doesn’t just come from the feel of the skin and the built of the body, but sex is in the mind, the more sexually aggressive the mind, the more the body will automatically react for sexual needs, and so the erections.
Understanding how much long-stored semen a person has, is no easy task. This chapter is only indicative and one won’t be able to judge others’ semenability based on that, as different people have different body mechanisms and semenabilities. Sometimes people get easily or totally misinterpreted. Some highly knowledgeable gurus can measure and tell the semenability of a person accurately. It is a highly complex matter and it isn’t even easy to explain it in detail, and people may start doing interpretations based on limited knowledge, which can go wrong.
Also, historically most young men do not have sexual or erectile dysfunctions, and most men become father in their life, so no point in going to that extent.
Listed below are just a couple of basic level indicative ways to get general understanding, though a person who is not an expert in these fields, won’t be able to know any much from what’s mentioned here, Finger nails of hands
It is a known fact since ages that a lot can be told about a person’s health just by looking at his / her nails. Nails are the only semi-transparent body part that show a bit of inside of the body, and thus many things can be interpreted through it. Some of this science still exists though not many people are able to effectively interpret it now. The semenability can be ascertained only to a certain extent from the finger nails based on its contents, texture, color, etc. Remember that a nail is not just that is visible on fingers, but nails also go beneath the skin of fingers (and keep getting softer from where it begins). Many nail science experts in today’s world are also able to analyze some possible diseases and deficiencies in the body. Though, they may or may not know how to measure semenability from nails as it is not seen published anywhere. The finger nail science applies to women also.
Skin texture
This we have discussed earlier at a few places so won’t detail that here again. The glowing[49] and water-like shining forehead is considered good in many pre-existing texts as forehead will be the last place on the face to glow. These are only general rules, exceptions easily exist.
There are other precise ways of knowing semenability of a person (other than medical tests). Don’t make mistakes by judging anyone through any visible means. But the indicative ones also tell men to better not ‘waste’ semen, and that’s the only purpose of this short chapter, without going into any further details.

Название: Why you should NEVER masturbate?
Автор: David Baldwin
Язык: English
Издательство: Foreword by Homeopathy Doctor
Жанр: Sex & Sexuality
Год выхода: 2017
Формат: pdf
Страниц: 145
Размер: 12 мб

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